Free Healthy Weight Loss Program

Want a free healthy weight loss program? Read on.

Many people gradually gain weight as they get older. Did you know that many people have most of that gradual weight gain during the cold months and the holiday season starting from October to beginning of January? How would you like to avoid or minimize that weight gain this season? How about starting your healthy weight loss now instead of waiting until January?

Dr Husbands is going to do a free healthy weight loss series, where you can:

  • Learn to lose weight using healthy methods
  • Learn how to promote your body’s fat-burning processes
  • Learn how to use delicious foods to serve your purposes for optimal exercise performance
  • Get practical tips for real-world meal planning
    Get effective tips for pre-holiday weight loss and for preventing weight gain during the holidays…without feeling deprived!
  • Get suggestions for effective supplements for safe, fast weight loss
  • Get support from Dr. Husbands and other group members

Dr Husbands’s free healthy weight loss series starts Oct 27, 2010. Get details and how to join here.