Functional Medicine Symposium Clinical Pearls: Confronting Cancer As A Chronic Disease – Part 2

Preventing Cancer - Eat HealthyThis is a continuation of my blog post last September (2010) on dealing with and preventing cancer titled,  “Confronting Cancer As A Cronic Disease” from the last Functional Medicine symposium.

Each section begins with the name of the doctor the statements are attributed to.

Dwight McKee, MD

  • “Cancer is no more a disease of cells than a traffic jam is a disease of cars.  A lifetime of study of the internal-combustion engine would not help anyone understand out traffic problems.” – Dr. D. W. Smithers, 1962 Lancet
  • “The thing I’ve seen in all patients with cancer in the last 15 years: High copper, Low Zinc.   Check white blood cell levels of copper and zinc.”
  • “In 2003-2004, there was a 15% drop in breast cancer rates in women over 50.  This was soon after the Women’s Health Initiative Study with PremPro, after doctors had greatly decreased prescribing it.”
  • “By the time an invasive cancer is diagnosed, it is 5 cubic mm in size and there are 1 billion malignant cells.”  Tumors disable/inhibit the immune system.  Reducing tumor burden by nutritional and lifestyle means allows the body’s own defenses to finish the job, and to maintain residual tumor cells in a dormant state.”
  • “I think it’s time for research to move beyond the double blind placebo controlled randomized clinical trials.”

Mary Hardy, MD

  • “Cancer should be thought of a wound that does not heal.”
  • “In follow up of 1453 italian women with breast cancer between 1991-1994, there were 398 breast cancer related deaths.  Those that were at an increased risk for death had a BMI over 30, and a waist to hip ratio over .85.” – Metabolic Syndrome, Glucose/Insulin Dysregulation and Cancer Risk: Cowry, S & Hardy, R., Am J Pathol 2006, 169:1505-22.
  • “Curcumin is promising for an option with treating active cancers.  The dose found most effective has been about 8 grams/day.  Phase II Clinical Trials with curcumin used in patients with pancreatic cancer showed downregulation of inflammatory markers.” – Dhillon, N et al.  Clin Cancer Res 2008; 14:4491-4499

Dean Ornish, MD

  • “Joy of living is a much better motivator than fear of dying.”
  • “It’s not about living longer, it’s about living better”
  • “Awareness is the first step in healing”
  • “Neuroplasticity is a reality…your brain can actually get bigger”

Foods That Increase NeurogenesisFoods That Decrease Neurogenesis
chocolate (in small amounts)saturated fat
alcohol (moderate intake)alcohol (excessive)
stress managementchronic stress
moderate exercisesedentary life

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