Free Healthy Weight Loss Webinar Session 1

Healthy Weight LossDon’t miss Dr Husbands’s free healthy weight loss webinar which starts today at 6:00 pm (Pacific time)!In the first session, he’ll do an overview of the coming sessions:
  1. Weight loss and weight control mindset
    • Changing your perspective
    • Self-talk
    • What’s your motivation?
    • Know your options
    • Why most people wait until after the holidays…and why it’s worse to do so!
  2. Weight loss and weight control mechanisms
    • Biochemistry of weight loss
    • Why some people have difficulty losing weight…and how they can overcome the difficulty
    • Body weight verses body composition
    • Getting your body in a fat-burning (and muscle-sparing) mode and keeping it that way
  3. Healthy weight loss and weight control methods
    • Awareness of what you are doing
    • Knowing what foods help burn fat and which help store fat
    • Getting in motion & staying in motion: effective exercise
    • Nutritional aides: useful supplements

How to join Dr Husbands’s Free Healthy Weight Loss Webinar:
The link to the webinar will be posted in Holistic Health Bay Area page and Healthy Weight Loss group.