PMS, Fatigue or Difficulty Losing Weight May Be Due To Xenobiotics

Are you gaining weight and have difficulty losing weight?  Is your health significantly poorer since childbirth?  Are you chronically fatigued?  Do you have a frequently depressed mood?  Do you suffer anxiety?  Are you having abnormally high hair loss daily?  Is your menstrual period uncomfortable and irregular?  Are some of your lab test results either at the low normal or high normal range?  Do you have past or recent breast cysts?  Is your breast tender in the outside and lower area near the time of your menstrual period?  Do you suffer insomnia?  Do you have uncontrollable food cravings?

These are some of the most common complaints of women that consulted me who are mostly in their mid to late 30’s.  Besides these common complaints, the following were also common among them:

  1. Use of birth control pills for more than 3 years between teenage years to 20’s
  2. A significant stressor or multiple stressors in a short time period preceeding the deterioration of their health
  3. Normal mammogram
  4. Food sensitivites or intolerances, and other gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms
  5. Subjective symptoms indicative of adrenal fatigue
  6. Lab test results showing signs of thyroid dysfunction

I am seeing an increased number of women with these problems.  I have found that in most of these cases xenobiotics is the underlying cause.  A xenobiotic is a chemical in the human body that is not produced by it and typically not expected to be in it.  Birth control pills (BCP’s), corticosteroids, and many drugs can be classified as xenobiotics.  They are foreign to the human body and not produced by it and they are only expected to be in it because they were prescribed.  Environmental toxic exposures are ubiquitous in the environment.  They have been shown to be in all tissue samples in a study performed between 1967 to 1990 by the Environmental Protection Agency.  A detailed report of this was reviewed in my June 2007 newsletter.

The combination of powerful hormonal modulators, which BCP’s and corticosteroids are, along with the estrogenic-activity-inducing environmental toxins, are overloading many women’s ability to detoxify and eliminate these toxins.

Once I diagnose and determine the underlying cause (or causes), I am able to provide a treatment plan that may include:

  1. Improving GI tract microflora and restoing GI tract lining integrity
  2. Improving the body’s detoxification capacity for balanced detoxification
  3. Providing nutrient support for all affected body systems with emphasis on adrenal balancing
  4. Decreasing any nervous system restrictions or irritation through chiropractic adjustments

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Dr Husbands is a Chiropractor, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, an Anti-Aging Healthcare Practitioner and a Functional Medicine Doctor. For more information, visit