“I brought my 59 year old mother-in-law from Bulgaria to see Dr. Husbands regarding an advanced stage (10+ years) of COPD with productive cough 4-5 times a day. She has been seeking help throughout the years with mainstream doctors but they were shrugging their shoulders, saying it is not treatable and age related and were prescribing expectorants. She was constantly very cold, tired, catching frequent colds and pneumonia almost every winter for which she was given antibiotics. She also had severe hot flashes since begining menopause. On the top of that she was having severe mid and low back pain that was very debilitating and she was having some relief from the glucosamine powder she was taking. The lab tests Dr. Husbands ordered revealed she was having impaired immune system function with elevated aluminum toxicity and intestinal tract malfunction, her body was not producing enough coenzyme Q10, she was having multiple nutrient deficiencies including omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid and B12 and severe vitamin D deficiency, her pro-carcinogenic estrogen levels were elevated, and that she had a parasite residing in her intestinal tract. The parasite and aluminum toxicity was instrumental in suppressing her immune system and she was lucky she did not receive the standard treatment for COPD with corticosteroids which could have resulted in hyper infection syndrome with fatal consequences. After only one month on the prescribed diet and supplements regime her body temperature started to normalize and the cough frequency decreased to once or twice a day only. Dr. Husbands did a few chiropractic adjustments as well and for a first time in many years she was able to get out of bed in the morning without back pain. Now after the herbal antihelminthic therapy, without any drugs, she feels even better and by her own word as being younger and more energetic, as she did when she was 40 years old. Thank you again Dr. Husbands!” …V.S from Santa Clara, CA