Fatigue/Lack of Energy & Allergies

“I had an amazing experience after taking the enzymes for a couple of days. I seemed to be getting a little more done, but had not felt a rush of energy or anything. About the 3rd day of taking the enzymes, I forgot to take the protein digestion before I ate lunch. I usually eat before the TV in my recliner chair. I found myself falling asleep as I was eating. I then realized I had forgotten the protein digestion enzyme. I was extremely loggy(sp?) all afternoon, until I took the next batch of enzymes. Then I started to regain my energy, but never got back to where I was the day before. I even felt a little loggy or slow the next morning. I can’t believe I felt like this on a regular basis BE(before enzymes). If I did feel that bad, it is a wonder I got anything done at all! I always read after lunch, or napped because I was drowsy, now I think I know why. Needless to say I am really pleased so far. The next time I’m in, can we work on the household dust sensitivity? I would really like to get rid of that so I can clean once in awhile.”…E.P.