Healthy Aging

“Hello Dr. Husbands, I am so very grateful that I met you when I did. During my physical therapy we discussed the importance of overall body health. I never forgot that. My one regret was when you moved. For years I continued to see a doctor approved by my insurance. It proved to be very devastating to my health. He didn’t “listen” to my issues. I thought I was destined to be old and worn out long before I should be. The less I ate the more I gained. I had no energy and was tired all the time. He told me I was depressed and gave a pill and sent me away. When I became ill to the point I felt I was having a heart attack..he didn’t have time to see, but could make an appointment to see him in three weeks. However, this year I found a doctor who follows the same beliefs as you for anti-aging and hormone replacement. It really wasn’t “all in my head”!! I feel alive again. I am averaging a loss of a pound a week, my hair is growing in black again, my body fat around my waist and stomach is greatly reduced, my energy is up and my body aches are less, my skin is becoming more supple. It is truly amazing!! Life is good!! Thank you for my beginning, showing me how to understand my body needs, and all the good works you do for many many people… Sincerely, Your former patient, Denise Tencza”