Hormone & Musculoskeletal Problems Preceding Infertility

“In 2005 I dealt with one of life’s most tragic losses; I was in a hit run accident that took the life of my unborn twins. Life changed drastically that day and so did my mind, body and spirit. After 2 ½ years of countless visits to my Stanford General Practitioner, Gynecologist and Emergency. All coming to the same conclusion that it was all in my head because I would never be able to have children again and I need a grief counselor. Unknown to them I was in counseling 3 times a weeks and coming to grips with my loss. My Chiropractor referred me to Dr. Husbands, I trusted his referral but I was a bit hesitant. I was at one of the best medical facilities in the nation and they couldn’t figure it out, what made him think Dr. Husbands could. I made my initial appointment twice and rescheduled both of times. Graciously, Dr. Husbands called me and asked me to come in and I did. I spent over 1½ hours talking continuously to him about my journey to where I was and where I needed to be. He scheduled several blood tests and told me he was going to look for the root cause of my problems. Without any hesitation I believed him and he found the root cause as promised. The diagnosis in layman’s terms was that my Pituitary Gland knocked out my Adrenal Gland that knocked out my Thyroid. Talk about hormone chaos. The qualities that stand out about Dr. Husbands are that he listens, never judges or comments negatively. His disposition is kind, sincere and honorable: that is what sets him aside from the rest of the Doctors that I have encountered. He also taught me the biggest lesson in life that most doctors never attempt to teach you. “Your body can heal itself” with the proper nutrition and supplementation. The human body is the world’s most amazing machine. Believe it! The best news I ever got from Dr. Husbands was that I was ovulating again meaning children are in my future. Dr. Husbands, you saved my life, my sanity and my spirit. Thank You!” Sincerely, L.S., a Patient for life.