Menopausal Symptom Relief (wife) & Hip Joint Pain Relief (husband)

“My husband and I began seeing Dr. Husbands in May of 2006 for a variety of health problems. Through thorough testing by Dr. Husbands, I was diagnosed with CFS, hormonal and glandular dysregulations. We began supplementation and some lifestyle changes as recommended by Dr. Husbands, and we saw almost immediate results in how we felt. Our lifestyle at the time was stressful having cared for my husband’s father through his battle with Alzheimer’s disease and subsequent death. Personally, I can attest to the effectiveness of Indole-3-Carbinol, as due to poor reorder planning on my part, I have run out of it. The symptoms almost immediately returned and I was glad to receive the supplement order in the mail! We have since moved 4 hours away and when we do not follow the recommended protocol of Dr. Husbands, we know it. We have come to appreciate his extreme patience and kindness toward us, and the expeditious way he responds to our needs – even from a distance. My husband has recently experienced joint pain (hip) and a phone call to Dr. Husbands resulted in excellent supplementation and a noticeable improvement in how the hip responds to daily life. Thank you Dr. Husbands for the wise and knowledgeable help you are to us.”…Ron and Gayle Colby, Cottonwood CA.