Anxiety & Depression with Insomnia

"Doctor Husbands is a very compassionate caregiver and an astute diagnostician. I felt very confident placing my health care needs in his hands. He not only diagnosed the underlying … [Read more...]

Insomnia & Weight Loss

"Since I was a teenager, I had been waking up an average of 6 times a night with insomnia. I finally chose to do something about it and consulted with Dr. Husbands. He designed a custom … [Read more...]


"As we discussed, Nicholas' handwriting has improved dramatically from before he started the Bioset treatments. Nic began his 1st grade school year on Aug 8th. The first handwriting … [Read more...]

Professionalism, Approachability and Accessibility

"Not only have I been impressed with Dr. Husbands' professionalism, but also His approachability and accessibility."...JB … [Read more...]

Neck and Shoulder Pain

"After several years and several different approaches to finding relief for neck and shoulder pain, I found Dr. Doug. With a new approach and better understanding of the source of my … [Read more...]

Herniated Disc / Disc Protrusion

"Having been under various types of care for the herniated disc in my back, I can say that Dr. Husbands has given a better effort and taken more time in consultations than my other … [Read more...]

Herniated Disc / Disc Protrusion

"We thank God for directing me to you. I'll never forget how when I was in so much pain, the Lord reminded me of your business card that you had given me at Trader Joe's. We will always … [Read more...]

Weight Loss/Lowered Cholesterol

"Early last year I attended a brief class held by Dr. Husbands' explaining his BioSET approach to health care and his new program to assist in regaining health and losing weight. I … [Read more...]