Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Hypothyroidism

“After the birth of my 2nd child, I experienced very irregular periods. In fact my entire system seemed to not be functioning on so many levels. My gynecologist diagnosed me with having PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)and sent me on my way with no information other than telling me to take birth control to keep having a period. Each day I felt less like myself and was experiencing extreme bloating (sometimes looking 6 months pregnant), constipation, and irritability. I was gaining weight quickly even though my diet was good and I exercised often. I was always cold, tired and lethargic. Even though I was 37, I felt like I was 97. I did my own research to find that PCOS is associated with these symptoms but the information I read and each doctor I saw (and I saw many), would suggest birth control or thyroid meds to deal with the symptoms. My last Western Medicine doctor did put me on Thyroid medication. After a month, and not feeling any better, I knew I couldn’t spend the rest of my life feeling so terrible and taking medication. I knew I had to find a Doctor who could help reverse these symptoms. Dr. Husbands was my last resort. I was so frustrated with the lack of time, concern and care of all the doctors I had seen previously that I was hesitant to spend more money and get no answers. Dr. Husbands knew from the start that I was done trusting doctors. But he did convince me that he could help and that I could reverse the symptoms by resetting my body. He talked about treating the entire body not just putting “bandaids” on the symptoms- like prescribing thyroid medication or birth control. I decided to take one more chance… When I came in to see Dr. Husbands, he was completely prepared and had reviewed all of my information, medical tests and medical questionnaire before I sat down. He knew my health issues, as if he had been my doctor for years. After a thorough consultation, he prescribed nutritional supplements which he said my body was lacking. He made some small but very important changes to my diet. Over the next month he did some chiropractic adjustments and confidently said that I would see some changes in the next few weeks and within 2 months I will have a period -without any medication or birth control. He was right… Within one month of following his advice, I had my first period in over 2 1/2 years. I am no longer cold, tired and lethargic- my energy is back to 100%. My bowel movements are regular. I am not feeling overwhelmed and irritable. And I no longer have extreme and constant bloating! I feel like my former self but even better. It was so long since I felt this good that I actually forgot what it felt like to feel good. I am forever grateful to Dr. Husbands and he has earned my complete trust.” …D. Morro, San Mateo, CA