Type II diabetes, High Cholesterol, Weight gain, & Hypertension

“I have been a diabetic for 25 years. I have Type II diabetes and had been able to control my blood sugar levels with diet and exercise. As I grew older this approach became less successful and I commenced many years of ingesting larger quantities of prescribed medications to control the daily blood glucose levels. Some of these medications had undesirable side effects and therefore I was placed on different medications. The reality of my situation became clear in November 2007 when my HGBA1C tested at 8%, my triglycerides tested at 310, my LDL was 106 and my HDL was 36. Additionally, my cholesterol was 204 and my weight was 196 lbs. I heard about Dr. Husbands via my daughter who was successfully treated by Dr. Husbands for cysts on her ovaries. I began a program with Dr. Husbands in February of 2008. The goal was and is to drastically reduce or eliminate my dependence on glucose control medications and their side effects. As of early May 2008, about 2 ½ months into the program, my latest test results have shown the following improvements. My HGBA1c has dropped to 7.1%, my triglycerides are 91, LDL is 92, HDL has leaped to 55, my cholesterol is 165 and my weight is 178 lbs. Happily, much of the weight loss is in my waist, and I know I have lost fat, not muscle, from the body composition tests Dr. Husbands performed. I feel very well and energetic. Dr. Husbands also performed a chiropractic adjustment on my back in a very comfortable manner. I am continuing with the diet and the supplements and have not had a problem with hunger pangs. But here is the best news. I have been able to eliminate entirely one diabetic medication (Actos) and am currently taking only ¼ the daily dose of the other medication (Glipizide). I have reviewed this with my medical provider (at Kaiser) and he is extremely pleased with the results. My daily glucose readings are routinely in the 90 – 110 range. Oh yes, as a kicker, my blood pressure is 119/60. This program is succeeding, and I am most pleased with the results to date. Thank you Dr. Husbands I could not be accomplishing these goals without your help.” – Regards, Ray L, Redwood City, CA.