Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Pain ReliefIf you are using Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for anti-inflammatory pain relief, you know the common side effects — upset stomach, ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.  But do you know that using NSAIDs for herniated discs and various injuries, including sports-related injuries and even muscle strains of mothers from lifting and carrying young kids, hinders the repair of connective tissues? You can click here to contact expert personal injury lawyers if you have sustained some injuries.  Thus, although NSAIDs decreases pain and inflammation, you will be susceptible to a chronic problem because your body is hindered from its natural repair capability.  So, they are not the best anti-inflammatory pain relief remedy.

So what are better anti-inflammatory pain relief remedies?

There are powerful natural substances, such as curcumin extract, proteolytic enzymes, quercetin, omega-3 fatty acids, plant sterols, and resveratrol.  Some of these work better for quick anti-inflammatory pain relief and some work better for more chronic pain and inflammation.  Consult a  Certified Clinical Nutritionist or a Naturopath.  He or she can identify what is appropriate, including the type, dosage, and any drug interactions if you are on other medications.

In addition, following a diet to support anti-inflammatory pain relief is very helpful.