Asthma and Allergy Natural Remedies

Asthma and Allergy Natural RemediesInterested in learning which asthma and allergy natural remedies are effective for managing and relieving symptoms?  This guide explains the underlying causes of asthma and allergies and provides a short list of effective natural remedies.

A Common Underlying Cause of Asthma and Allergy

A common underlying cause of asthma and allergies is lack of optimal balance in your immune system response. Numerous epidemiological studies have confirmed that asthma is more prevalent in industrialized countries compared to third world countries. The hygiene hypothesis is one theory why this phenomenon occurs.

According to this theory, due to better sanitary conditions in industrialized countries, the human body becomes deprived of the signals that train T helper type 1 cells (Th1 cells) from developing their defense mechanisms from many acute viral and bacterial infections. As a result, a different response of the immune system predominates.

This different response is controlled by T-helper type 2 cells (Th2 cells). Th2 cell response is activated in response to air pollution, exposure to environmental pesticides, and other external toxins. A predominant Th2 immune response is associated with asthma, atopic dermatitis, and various allergies to external agents, such as molds, pollens, pet dander and dust mites. The shift in the balance of T-helper cell types to Th2 predominant responses accounts for the increased incidence of asthma and other allergic disorders.

Consideration for Asthma and Allergy Natural Remedies

Numerous asthma and allergy drugs are associated with severe side effects, such as increased tendency for hypertension, glaucoma and weight gain with prolonged use of corticosteroids. In addition, your body can develop a dependency to antihistamines when used long term.  For these reasons, asthma and allergy natural remedies should be considered.

Effective Asthma and Allergy Natural Remedies

First among the list of asthma and allergy natural remedies is Vitamin D.  Research shows the correlation between inadequate blood levels of vitamin D with asthma and allergies. Consume foods rich in vitamin D such as sunflower seeds, tuna, butter, salmon and shrimp. Get about 20 minutes of mid-day sun on your arms and legs when possible. Supplementing with 2000-4000 IU of vitamin D3 may also be necessary.

For preventing asthma attacks, you can use Boswellia.  Boswellia is an acid extracted from Boswellia serrata or Frankincense, a medicinal tree originating from Middle East, India and North Africa. This is achieved through inhibiting pro-inflammatory compounds. This inhibition prevents bronchioles constriction, thereby preventing acute asthma attacks from occurring.

For seasonal allergies, Quercetin, Bromelain and Stinging Nettles are good remedies.  Quercetin is a type of flavonoid found in foods (e.g., parsley, onions, citrus fruits and apples), which has antihistamine, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Consumption of 300 to 1000 mg of Quercetin 2 to 3 times daily can greatly help to alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies. In addition, the proteolytic enzyme, Bromelain, and the herb, stinging nettle provide a quick, effective relief from seasonal allergies.

Seeking Professional Help

If you have tried any of the above asthma and allergy natural remedies, but have not found them to be effective for you, I highly recommend seeking professional help.

Since about sixty-percent of immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), problems with immune function often originate in the GI tract. Imbalanced gut flora and hidden food allergies are common GI associated problems related to asthma and allergies.  To get the maximum benefit from asthma and allergy natural remedies, you’ll need to first deal with any imbalance or hidden food allergies.

Among doctors, Functional Medicine doctors are the best holistic doctors in dealing with asthma and allergy. Many of them are experts in determining if your current GI tract condition is the origin of an unhealthy immune function. More importantly, they are trained and experienced in providing the treatments which are primarily based on food as medicine.

I hope you found this Asthma and Allergy Natural Remedies article useful.