Get Rid of Your Health Complaints
Using Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition

functional medicine doctor, nutritionistHello!  I’m Dr. Doug, Functional Medicine Doctor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue/adrenal dysfunction, hypothyroidism, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, diabetes and hypertension?

While many people suffer from these, so few actually get better from them.  The vast majority relieve symptoms using medication and some natural remedies.  With long term use of the medications, some are having to deal with their side effects, which are sometimes worse than the original symptoms.

I invite you to watch this video.

I solve various chronic conditions in my practice everyday without expensive drugs and surgery, using Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

If you are suffering from chronic conditions, I invite you to a

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 to allow you to ask questions and find out more about proven natural methods to get rid of your symptoms and feel good again.

This approach is about accurately identifying the underlying causes of your condition and resolving them using primarily food as medicine.  The use of the knowledge, experience and expertise in this approach could transform your body from sickness to vitality.  This could result in a life transformation for you.  It has definitely transformed my life.

At 16 years old, I learned to transform my body from skinny to muscular through lifting weights, diet and nutrition.  In my early 20s, I helped people transform their bodies as an exercise trainer.  Seeing how diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes significantly impact how you look and feel, I became a strong believer in natural solutions.

I eventually became a Doctor of Chiropractic and a nutritionist.  In 2003, I heard about Functional Medicine, an approach to health care that focused on dealing with the underlying causes of diseases, rather than just dealing with symptoms.  I realized this is the most effective solution for many diseases, so I got training and became a Functional Medicine doctor, too.

My methods work because

  • Unlike conventional medicine, which very often only relieves symptoms, I deal with the root causes of the problem.   Eliminate the root causes, and symptoms get eliminated.
  • With conventional medicine, you get diagnosed and put on disease management for life; on the other hand I help your body heal.
  • Unlike the trial-and-error nature of self-help methods, I precisely target and monitor your condition with laboratory testing.
  • Unlike conventional medicine that routinely use drugs to manage your symptoms, I use primarily food as medicine.  Thus, you don’t have to deal with drug side effects.

I formulate diet and nutrition plans to transform bodies from sick to wellness.  Depending on your condition, I supply the body with therapeutic levels of nutrients until the affected body system is able to function normally.

Because of my background, training and experience, it is very likely that I can help you.

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If you are skeptical, I understand.  Some of my patients were skeptical, too.  Who wouldn’t be?  Many of them have gone to multiple doctors and have tried several treatment methods that didn’t work.

That’s why every week, we set aside time for me to give FREE 10 minute consultations.  That allows you to get your questions answered and determine if the Functional Medicine approach is your best option.

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