Functional Medicine: The Key to Healing Chronic Diseases

functional medicine san francisco caUsing the Functional Medicine approach is the ultimate solution to healing your chronic health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, digestive problems and many other chronic diseases.

Many think that some chronic conditions are part of aging and once they have it, they just have to control and prevent it from getting worse.  Use of prescription drugs is very common.  However, eventually many side effects from the medication are experienced.  Sometimes, the side effects are worse than the original problem.

In my practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, Functional Medicine has helped my patients eliminate their health complaints.   It is a proven natural and effective method, solidly based on fundamental physiologic processes, for resolving chronic health conditions..

It is superior to other treatment options because of the following:

Functional Medicine Identifies and Deals With The Underlying Root Causes

The first step in treating your condition is to identify the underlying causes.  Unless the underlying cause of your disease is identified and dealt with, you are very likely going to “treat” the condition on an ongoing basis because the underlying problem is not corrected.  For example, you can make lifestyle changes and take medication or nutritional supplements that help lower your blood pressure but if you don’t address the root problem, you’ll need to continually control your blood pressure.  Doctors like those at can help you identify the root causes and target the cause to resolve each of them.

Functional Medicine Recognizes That The Body Consists of Interconnected Systems

Doctors trained in this approach have a comprehensive understanding of the human body together with its interconnected systems.  This is an important factor in determining the underlying causes of chronic health issues.  For example, diabetes is treated not only by controlling insulin to control your blood sugar, but also considering how imbalances of other hormones affects the process.  In diabetes, inflammation contributes to poor blood sugar control, so using nutrients and lifestyle to decrease inflammation is needed.

Functional Medicine Uses Food As Medicine

Most chronic diseases are the result of bad diet and lifestyle practices.  Functional Medicine uses sound scientific knowledge of how different nutrients influence your body towards healthy processes.  Mankind has come a long way since the simple discoveries of health conditions resulting from nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin C for scurvy.  Countless books and scientific papers have been published on nutrient benefits, and experts say there are a lot more we do not know about fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Bad diet and lifestyles cause various nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in our body systems.

The Functional Medicine practitioner will design a treatment plan for you that consists of eating foods and/or taking nutritional supplements so desired nutrients are consumed in therapeutic levels.

Using food as medicine eliminates the side effects from synthetic components included in medications.  Your body also benefits from an increased consumption of healthy nutrients  found in fruits and vegetables.  This influences fundamental physiologic processes to resolve fundamental clinical imbalances.

Find out more about this medical discipline that’s been called the 21st Century Medicine by visiting the Institute of Functional Medicine.

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