Better Breakfast, Better Health

Mornings set the mood for the whole day so smile and start your day right with a fit,  hearty, and healthy breakfast habit.Nutrition: Healthy Breakfast

  • Eat your breakfast within 30 minutes of waking to retain lean muscles and promote fat-burning.
  • Have a healthy serving of proteins like eggs, chicken, fish or lean meat for  muscle and connective tissue repair effects, hormone balancing effects, and healthy immune cell production.
  • Always choose whole grains rather than processed grains for the more fiber, B-vitamins, and stable blood sugar, and to feel fuller longer. Grains that are gluten free are the best.
  • It’s never too early to eat dark green leafy vegetables.  Include them in your meal and benefit from their high folate, calcium, magnesium, essential minerals, fiber, and hormone balancing compounds.
  • Enjoy a good serving of omega 3 fatty acids from cage-free eggs, flax seeds, or even a bit of salmon for breakfast, if you prefer. Omega 3 fatty acids help improve brain function and gives anti-inflammatory effects.