Almost Effortless Healthy Weight Loss

Do you want a simple and easy healthy weight loss with detoxification? I recommend using Living Fuel’s Living Protein with healthy meals.

My wife used this recently, and said it was “almost an effortless healthy weight loss” program. Below is an account of her experience:.

Using Living Protein with healthy meals has been the easiest to follow among the many weight loss methods I have tried in the past.

Before discovering Living Protein, I read Dr Mark Hyman’s UltraMetabolism book. His healthy weight loss method consists of the same things my husband have been promoting for years. They both use strategies that have shown to be effective, natural and science-based. The book provided a thorough explanation of why those strategies work, and why I believe they are the best out there. My main take away is you can make your metabolism work efficiently and that we are not doomed to have a slow metabolism as we get older. The key is to have the proper nutrients and a healthy lifestyle.

I started following the UltraMetabolism program. I saw it was working, however, it took a lot of effort to follow. Within two weeks of doing it, my husband showed me the Living Fuel Living Protein information and suggested that I consider using it. After reading it, I realized that I could still apply the UltraMetabolism strategies with a lot less effort by using Living Protein. So, I began using it.

For 14 days, I replaced two meals, breakfast and lunch, with a Living Protein shake and have a healthy meal for dinner. For snacks, I ate fruit and/or nuts, or I just drink the shake if I had any leftover from the previous meal. For dinner, I had fish or chicken, vegetables and a small serving of brown rice. The fish, chicken and vegetables were cooked in any way I like, except fried.

You can do 10-14 days with two shakes per day. I chose to go for 14 days since it was easy to follow. After that, I switched to one shake and continued with the same snacks and healthy meals.

This first 10-14 days is a detoxification phase also. I was happy to experience no headache or discomfort, even in the first few days. (This may work out differently for you.) In fact, I felt had more energy and felt lighter.

With this healthy weight loss program, I eliminated gluten and dairy. This was simple and easy with the shake recipes already gluten and dairy-free and the healthy meal being so simple – just rice and vegetables with fish or chicken. I was supposed to eliminate coffee, too, but I didn’t. I just eliminated sugar and replaced cream with soy milk or coconut milk in my coffee.

The results? I went down 2 sizes. I deliberately didn’t check my weight before and after because I am more concerned about fat loss, not weight loss, and to improve my health and energy. I have achieved all of that with this! The ultimate proof was people, who typically wouldn’t comment about my weight, making unsolicited comments that I’ve lost weight.

Why This Work Well

  • Detoxification using Living Protein is a balanced detoxification method.
  • Small, frequent meals/snacks – one of the secrets of fat loss, muscle-building and keeping your metabolism from slowing down
  • More alkaline diet. Weight loss diets that include lots of fruits and vegetables work not only because fruits and vegetables are typically lower in calories than other foods, but also because they make your body more alkaline. The substitution of dairy with soy or coconut milk also helps in this regard.
  • Anti-inflammatory

Let me know if you have any questions.