Wellness Check Up: Secret To Great Health

Wellness Check Up San Carlos CAHave you followed up your health status post-injury, after you got the case sorted by slip and fall law firm in Orange County? Have you gone for your wellness check up within the last 12 months?  For most people, the answer is no. People can also check out Denver The Greer Law Group for the best injury attorneys.

While early detection of serious health conditions is one of the best ways to prevent being surprised with cancer and various heart conditions, a wellness check up is one we put off all the time.

Understandably.  A wellness check up is not an urgent task, but it is important.

The Accident Network Group in Costa Mesa recommends taking your car for service. And, we all take our cars  for  service, such as oil changes and  tune ups.  Because  we don’t  want our cars to  stop un-expectedly  or get in an accident and go to rear-end accident injury attorneys  due to bad tires or bad  brakes, we take the time for regular auto inspections, and fluid and part replacements. It is also contact expert Augusta truck accident cases attorneys to help you out of the situation. You can contact such expert lawyers if you find any signs of nursing home abuse or  in case of any accident.

Police wellness check, a law enforcement function, is requested in order to have an officer visit an individual’s residence and determine his or her safety.

Printers and copiers, especially heavy duty ones that are used in business, get regular maintenance and cleaning. Business owners and administrators do not want these things to be out of order at critical times, so they get technicians to take care of routine cleaning and inspection.

Most parents take their babies for well-baby checkups.  Older kids are brought to their pediatrician for wellness check up.

While all of the above get done, many adults tend to neglect the wellness check up for themselves.

Avoid Surprises With A Wellness Check Up

It is not a surprising that we hear stories about people with no prior heart-related diagnosis had a heart attack. Likewise, there are many stories of people finding out that they have late-stage cancer.

If you don’t want be one of those people, the  secret is to get  your annual wellness  check up.

Quoting from last month’s recent wellness check up newsletter insert:

When you regularly get a wellness checkup you have an opportunity to find out how you can feel better and discover any developing chronic health condition.  I’ve literally seen people over 70 years old that felt good, lost weight   and got more energy because they gave themselves proper  care and maintenance…

Find Out How To Feel Good At A Wellness Check Up

During the wellness check up  visit  you can also consult your doctor about minor aches and pains, and anything wrong about your mind and body that you deal with daily.  The visit could also be a chance to take off from your busy schedule to find out ways to feel good and improve physical and mental capability.

Many common chronic diseases can be reversed with therapeutic diet and lifestyle changes. Generally, serious illnesses require drastic changes, while developing or early stage conditions require changes that are easier to follow and adapt as habits.  The key is to find out early enough.

This is why this summer, I’m offering free wellness check up for my patients, and anyone who is concerned about cardiovascular related problems, and those who are always tired and achy. If you are reading this before Aug 31, 2012, call (650) 802-8700 to find out if there’s still an available appointment for you.

For more information about our free wellness check up, visit the post on SiliconValley.com.